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Linear Wood Ceiling and Wall Systems

The "straight line" is a timeless design element that can be smoothly incorporated in any architectural style.  Our Company Linear Wood is the perfect choice to turn an ordinary ceiling into an extraordinary design element.

Our Company’s patented factory manufactured Clip-Rail makes Our Company Linear Wood fast and easy to install. The Linear Wood ceiling system is lightweight, requiring less structural support than traditional nailed-in-place boards. The Our Company Linear boards simply snap onto the Clip Rail, which guarantees precise alignment and spacing of installed boards. Quick and easy installation lowers costs for Our Company’s customers and improves their bottom line.

Our Company’s regional sales managers and experienced engineering team are available to answer any question and help you specify Our Company Linear Wood in your next project.
Wood Styles and Selections

Linear Open -The Linear Open profile is a 4 1/2" module, which consists of a 3 3/4" board width and an alternating 3/4" space. The board thickness is 3/4" to prevent warping, twisting and cupping. Linear Open is also available in 4" and 6" modules. The spaces between the boards can be backed with factory applied acoustical felt or installed with matching hardboard wood spacers.

Linear Closed - The Linear Closed profile is a 4" module consisting of 4 1/4" boards installed with a 1/4" overlap. Linear Closed ceilings and walls capture the classic shiplap style. With a board thickness of 3/4", movement due to warping, twisting and cupping is minimized.



  • Available in either Open Linear or Closed Linear
  • Available in random lengths with tongue and groove ends for a uniform continuous look or in fixed lengths up to 10’ for short run areas.
  • Our Company provides heavy-duty cliprail with factory attached clips for ease of installation.
  • The factory attached clips assure board alignment and consistent spacing.
  • The heavy duty cliprails require no crossrails for support.
  • Tongue and groove ends provide alignment and strength to random length board seams.
  • Factory curved cliprails are available for serpentine, convex, or concave areas.
  • The patented Our Company Clamping Tool makes installation quick and easy.
  • The quick and easy installation saves our clients time and money during installation. 


Finishes and Fire Retardancy

  • Custom stains, clear sealers, or color treatments are spray applied using state-of-the-art finishing equipment.
  • Our Company can custom match any color selected by the designer, architect, or owner’s representative.
  • Our Company Linear Wood is available with NFPA Class A or UBC Class 1 fire rating as tested in accordance with ASTM E-84.
  • The fire treatment process does not affect the quality of the wood finish. 


Special Considerations

  • Above Ceiling Access - Access above Linear Wood ceilings is obtained with standard access panels.  Full length boards can be removed for access to larger areas.
  • Lighting Fixtures - Both recessed incandescent and linear fluorescent fixtures are compatible with Linear Wood ceilings.  Lighting fixtures must be supported independently from the Linear Wood ceiling.

Design Ideas

Light weight Accent Beams can be supplied to match or contrast with the Our Company Linear Ceilings. These beams are custom designed for each application and are easily assembled and suspended in place. See our Accent Beam section for more information.