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Accent Beams - Non Structural Wood Veneered Beams

Our Company Accent Beams, available in a wide variety of veneers with any custom color or clear finish, provide a perfect accent to any flat, vaulted or radiused ceiling. The beautiful look of wood on wood or with a simple drywall ceiling accent beams are the perfect selection for your dramatic designs.  Our Company's Wood Accent Beams provide designer's with an alternative to heavy solid wood beams.  Wood Accent Beams are non-structural, lightweight, and easy to install.  Whether using Wood Beams as an accent feature, or using them to cover unsightly structural members, they are the perfect compliment to any ceiling system.  Every beam is custom designed according to the needs of our customers.  A wide variety of veneers and Our Company's color matching expertise provide designers with unlimited choices.

Our Company's regional sales managers and experienced engineering team are available to answer any question and help you specify Wood Accent Beams in your next project.


Wood Styles and Selections

Since Our Company's Wood Accent Beams are custom designed, they can fill the needs of almost any project that requires non-structural beams. Accent Beams are made from veneered particle board. The boards are stained and finished flat on Our Company's state-of-the art finishing equipment and then miter folded into shape. Beams can be made completely enclosed or three sided. Since they are hollow, lighting fixtures and wire runs can be hidden from view.



  • Our Company's experienced engineering staff will help design Accent Beams for maximum yield and minimum costs.
  • Standard veneers include Maple, Ash, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, and Beech, but Our Company offers all veneers, both domestic and imported.
  • Choices of veneer, color, and design provide versatility.
  • Beams are hollow to allow for wire runs and lighting fixtures.
  • Accent Beams are lightweight and install easily with minimum support.

Finishes and Fire Retardancy

  • Custom stains, clear sealers, or color treatments are spray applied using state-of-the-art finishing equipment.
  • All of Our Company's finishes are water based and non-toxic.
  • Our Company can custom match any color selected by the designer, architect, or owner's representative.
  • Our Company Linear Wood is available with NFPA Class A or UBC Class 1 fire rating as tested in accordance with ASTM E-84.
  • The fire treatment process does not affect the quality of the wood finish.


Special Considerations

Lighting Fixtures: A three sided Accent Beam is an excellent way to hide up lights.

Installation: Accent Beams can be installed in a variety of ways. They can be attached directly to a wall or ceiling, hung with 12 gauge hanger wire, or simply supported in span. Our Company's engineering team can help you devise a suspension solution.  

Quick Facts

  • Accent Beams can be made into flat, vaulted or radius forms varying in depths and thickness to accommodate each ceiling installation.
  • Because our beams are veneered, the finish species selection is virtually unlimited.

Design Ideas

Our Company\\\\\\\'s Accent Beams compliment a wide variety of other Our Company wood ceiling systems. They are light weight and easily installed and do not require heavy structural support framing.